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W elcome to Whispers of the Fallen, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign played out by two separate parties, on one side we have a group of brave adventurers gathered under the banner of good, opposed by a group of of evil, with fate of an entire world balanced precariously on the outcome, will the fates favour the brave and let the world live in peace, or will luck let the world fall into darkness, the outcome to be decided by the players choices and actions in real time as the two sides oppose and seek to bring there own cause to the successful conclusion.

My name is of no consequence, it matters not if i’m forgotten to the sands of time, only my words survival is of importance, much has been wrote of the epic battles fought on our behalf, their deeds have become legend, and legend turned myth. So dear reader forget what you’ve already been told, for i was there, and what follows is there tale……….

Whispers of the fallen

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